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Help me plz The Islander clip
Can someone help me to know what is the instrument having played by Marco?

(sorry 4 my bad english)

When will there be a new album after Dark Passion

I am wondering when there will be a new album. I have everything up to Dark Passion Play. I am Canadian and have had a hard time finding Nightwish's work. But I do search for it and purchase it whenever I find something new.

Angels Fall First – Limited Edition, CD on sale
Angels Fall First – Limited Edition(serial number 41/500 with autographs) ON SALE


I’m selling Nightwish’s first album, Angels Fall First. This is a limited edition and it was printed only 500 copies worldwide. Serial number of this one is 41/500. It contains also autographs from Tuomas Holopainen,...

The Harsh Vocalists Competition
Welcome to the Harsh Vocalists Competition! :W:

This competition is similar those those held by angel_heart and snowhite, though there are some slight changes.

First and foremost, the categories:

Technique (How well the singer uses his or her voice - they should not sound very strained - also,...

Anette OLSON much better than TARJA
No Doubt Anette OLSON much better than fucking TARJA!

The Best Metal Band Competition: Round 10 DOOM METAL- read first post for rules, thanks
let out your long hair and pull out your long coats, its Doom Metal time!!

Round 1- Classic Metal
Round 2- Power Metal
Round 3- Death Metal
Round 4- Black Metal
Round 5- Progressive Metal
Round 6- Folk/Viking/Pagan Metal
Round 7- Symphonic Metal
Round 8- Gothic...

ok big discussen[ sp sorry] today between friends and family would like feedback be pleasant please

keypoints for this

fantasy, emotion, loved almost worldwide. very open hearted
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Follow On The Nightwish Song
Another fun and simple game
You post 2 Nightwish songs and the next poster have to choose between those 2 songs which one is the best for him/her. Then he/she posts the song he/she liked the best + another one

poster 1: The Kinslayer or Nemo?
poster2: The Kinslayer or 7 Days To The Wolves?

The Best Male Voice Competition
Now that the female voices competition ended (you can find the results here ), it's time for the male one to start :yeah2: The rules are the same:

There are two periods
-nomination period (1week). any singer in rock or metal is up for nomination and the first ten who have the most nominations enter the competition. you may...

Express yourself
3:40 PM

Opening a new express yourself thread :)

former one : http://forum.nightwi...press-yourself/

Tours in Denmark Future tour inquiry
any plans about coming to denmark any time soon..?

Theater-Feuervogel surreal, mystic, fire, actors on stilts

Hi, have a look at this. I think it fits perfect to Nightwish. http://forum.nightwish-world.com/public/style_emoticons/default/2003.gif
Does someone know something about this guys?
...new Dates...

I have seen them long time ago. All details so far...

In Defense of Nightwish... For all those people that just don't get it

[This is a post I made on my blog, addressing the many people I know who just don't understand Nightwish. Please comment with your thoughts!]

Oh, the love! Oh, the hate! Oh, the confusion surrounding the symphonic power metal band, Nightwish! Due to the many arising controversies concerning this band, I...

The Best Metal Band Competition: Round 11 Industrial Metal- Please read first post for rules
we're here! the final nominations/voting/genre round! its been a long time and i really appreciate the participation, and Wrathchild for all his help with the competition.
it is INDUSTRIAL METAL TIME. thats right, folks. time to get out your cannons and metal breast plates or something, and get all...

The Best Female Voice Competition
since we clearly love musical competitions and we already have a ‶best band” competition(among others), i was thinking we should have a ‶best voice” one as well. we’ll start with the female competition and then continue with the male one. these are the rules:

There are two periods
-nomination period (1 week). any...

The Best Metal Band Competition: Round 5 Progressive Metal - read first post for rules, please
we're on to the 5th round now... twas started on the old forum and we've continued it here....

Round 1- Classic Metal
Round 2- Power Metal
Round 3- Death Metal
Round 4- Black Metal
Round 5- Progressive Metal
Round 6- Folk/Viking/Pagan...

Can somebody give me directions on how to get into the nightwish chat room.
Hello, I've downloaded the software. I'm just having a difficult time figure out how
to get into the Nightwish chat room. Thanks.

Bring Night Wish to Australia COME TO AUS
i live in Aus and want NightWish to come here

if u agree then reply

TARJA! Talk about the Beloved Tarja!
Tarja was the amazing singer for NW in the begining. Annete has done an amazing job taking her placehttp://forum.nightwish-world.com/public/style_emoticons/default/bounce.gif lets talk about Tarja and how she will be remembered!

Anette OLSON better voice than Tarja Turunen Anette OLSON better voice than Tarja Turunen
I am new here, found Nightwish some weeks ago. And I say Anette OLSON is much better voise than Tarja Turunen. She plays a lot more as Tarjy and Phantom der Oper vocal is simple fantastic...:)

Her voise makes me travel around....Also her face expressions are grat!
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Nightwish come to Macedonia!
Hi, my name is Angel, i'm from Macedonia, and i'm 15 years old. I found out about Nightwish 5 years ago, and, i fell in love with their music. Unfortunately, i've never been to a concert, and that eats me alive!!! Right now i'm listening to Nightwish, and every day i listen to Nightwish, and it just hurts me the fact that i never seen...

Nightwish Captions
I haven't seen a caption thread yet so..
Lets continue lauging! =D

Ohter forums
I was just wondering if we can jump on the other forums, like the Italian one or the Finnish one without registering for that forum. Just thought it would be fun to answer a few blogs I found of interest.

See already a typo, can someone please fix the heading?
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Does anyone want to sell me a nightwish tshirt? Please??
Hi All,

I saw NW on the DPP tour twice, once in Newcastle and once in Basel and both times had to leave in a rush at the end so didn't get a chance to pick up a tshirt / memorabilia. I very much regret this and have been scouring ebay daily ever since trying to get a tour tshirt.

If anyone did buy a tshirt / long sleeved that they...

the redeemers on The Kinslayer?
Greetings... im new here, so, srry if this question is kinda dumb n.n'

i liked a lot the song The Kinslayer, so, i looked up the lyrics of this song ( http://www.nightwish...nd/lyrics?id=25 ), at the end, it says "In memory of the Redeemers 20.4.1999" what does this means? who are the redeemers? someone...

The Best Metal Band Competition: Round 9 Thrash Metal- PLEASE READ FIRST POST FOR RULES
it is THRASH METAL TIME! Round 9 is upon us!

Round 1- Classic Metal
Round 2- Power Metal
Round 3- Death Metal
Round 4- Black Metal
Round 5- Progressive Metal
Round 6- Folk/Viking/Pagan Metal
Round 7- Symphonic Metal
Round 8- Gothic Metal
Round 9- Thrash...

The Best Metal Band Competition: Round 6 Folk/Viking/Pagan Metal
YAY!!! Round 6 we have Folk/Viking/Pagan Metal. yes, these genres can cause some debate and confusion, but hopefully this will run smoothly.
(oh, and for the record, if someone wishes to, pirate metal can be included here, because of some of the musical elements being similar to some folk bands....)

Round 1-...

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